the red door
vodka, pomegranate

1959 mojito
cuban classic, rum, mint, lime, sugar

bering strait
hammer + sickle vodka, blue cheese stuffed olives

the little a
godiva white chocolate, coconut

ginger pear martini
pear infused vodka, brandy, ginger, cinnamon

autumn cocktail
phillips union vanilla whiskey, tuaca, gingerale, cinnamon

wild orchid
tanqueray, chambord, gingerale

the dragon
bacardi dragonfruit, lime, garnished with cayenne

japanese sunflower
sake, van gogh pineapple vodka, lime & gingerale

earl grey
hammer & sickle vodka, earl grey tea

white chocolate martini
godiva white chocolate, creme de cacao, vanilla

the leah
absolut ruby red, sugar, lemon

the geisha
tanqueray rangpur, c smith kung fu girl reisling, grapefruit

the dubai
van gogh pomegranate vodka, rose water, pineapple

little branch
bombay sapphire gin, st. germain elderflower, lemon, sugar

philips union vanilla, malibu coconut, pineapple

hornitos tequila, campari, pineapple, twist

thai martini
hangar one "budha's hand" citron, lemon, ginger

espresso martini
vanilia, kahlua, bailey's, caffeine

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